The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna

Banking and Finance

The Kingdom of Manna holds full sovereign rights and has its own fully autonomous banking and financial system which includes but is not limited to:

  • Aureus is the official currency of The Kingdom of Manna
  • The Royal Central Bank of The Kingdom of Manna is our central bank
  • The Spectral Continuum Bank of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is our state bank
  • Full operational sovereign owned banking systems for national transfers
  • Cross-border international sovereign owned financial systems for international transfers
  • National Reserves


GBPay, developed by world leading specialists, is an integrated part of our Royal Central Bank of the Kingdom of Manna, and is the most advanced, innovative and secure global payments system for financial transactions and card payment purchases in the world as of today.

GBPay global payments system is fully independent from all other financial and security systems. Using a 10 pin encryption process via the GEO Blockchain Payment System allows the payment cards to have the necessary advanced security and protection.

GBPay was created to allow fully secure, real-time financial transactions between countries, banks, companies, consumers and retail outlets, who are on the global GBPay Platform.