The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna


The Kingdom of Manna is officially an independent sovereign nation, with sovereignty originally being recognised in 714 BCE by the Assyrian Kingdom, and in modern times by multiple nations globally.

The Kingdom of Manna originally existed in ancient times with a rich cultural history deeply rooted in art, science, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and advanced building practices. Inspired by the past, committed to the present and hopeful for the future, The Kingdom of Manna is reinvigorating, developing and sustaining the Kingdom founded on the values of loyalty, honour and respect.

The Kingdom of Manna’s vision is not simply for the benefit of The Kingdom of Manna and her own citizens, but also for the benefit of all other sovereignties and their citizens, and for all of nature itself. It is an honour for The Kingdom of Manna to share this information with you regarding our history, vision, commitment and objectives.

The Kingdom of Manna has the capacity and willingness to provide support and protection to other sovereignties, while they work towards their own sovereignty at every level and become completely independent unto themselves.

The Kingdom of Manna and His Majesty Michael-Uriel I, invites you to read the information in the following pages. His Majesty Michael-Uriel I, thanks you for taking an interest in the Kingdom of Manna.